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TMGO and Ethiopian Airlines Collaboration

Airlines across the world have been struggling to weather the COVID-19 crisis. The disruption has forced airlines across the world to swiftly demand government bailout, scale down the workforce while others delay salaries due to cash flow troubles. Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest and multi-award-winning global airline, is not left out of the crippling effects of the pandemic.

As a global airline that has stood the test of time, it quickly recalibrated its operations in the wake of the pandemic and emerged as a key enabler in the global

effort to conquer COVID-19 by facilitating the shipment of life-saving medical supplies across the world. In the face of the evolving uncertainty, the airline’s management has taken swift and bold decisions to strengthen resilience and thrive on new opportunities without seeking bailout, employee layoffs while fighting the invisible enemy.

In a bid to provide a coordinated response to the unprecedented crisis, Ethiopian committed itself to repatriation services and reunite stranded passengers across the world to their families with the highest standards of health and safety measures on board. To date, the airline has carried out more than 470 charter flights and carried more than 63,000 people to and from different global destinations.

Part of such operations was its charter flight services to Tulu Moye Geothermal Company (TMGO). We are pleased that we have provided charter flight services to Tulu Moye Geothermal Company and feel honored to be your chosen airline.

Source: Ethiopian Airlines PR

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