The Team

Meet Our People

“Together, we deliver sustainable electricity from natural geothermal resources to support the economic development of Ethiopia.”



Maxence Mirabeau

Chief Executive Officer

Mirabeau is a seasoned engineer with more than 29 years of experience. Its core competencies are related to infrastructure projects. He performed operational responsibilities in all the phases of a project: engineering, construction, commissioning, operation, financing and development. He also managed BUs and had regional role as business developer in North, Central and West Africa including the support to investment opportunities and potential acquisitions in the region. He has strong experience in different sectors such as Urban Transportation, Water utility, Renewable Energy and Buildings.

Eric Abinan

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Abinan Koffi has 20 years+ experience in financial management of power production projects in West African countries. He started his career at Deloitte in Abidjan as auditor, then moved to ABB group, where he held several Finance Director roles in French-speaking West Africa, and in particular as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Azito Energie (450 MW thermal power plant in Ivory Coast) until 2016. Before joining TMGO, he was CFO at Nachtigal Hydro Power company (NHPC) – the project company of the Nachtigal hydroelectric upstream on the Sanaga River (420 MW) in Cameroon. He holds a finance diploma from ESCA - Abidjan Business school (1998), and completed in 2019 an Executive Master's in Energy, Environment, and regulation from Sciences Po Executive Education (France).

Yitemgeta Fantu

Chief Technical Officer

Yitemgeta Fantu has a masters degree in Energy Engineering with several years of experience in the energy sector with a focus in the areas of production and the optimal distribution and rational use of conventional and renewable energy in buildings, civil engineering, transportation, manufacturing, and transformation industries. Most recently, Yitemgeta was part of a team led by Crown Agents USA (through a USTDA Grant) to help EEP achieve value for money in publicly funded energy projects, which aims to increase electricity access in Ethiopia and across sub-Saharan Africa. As the Deputy Chief Technical Officer of TMGO, Yitemgeta will be guiding and supporting the technical team and site project under the supervision of the CTO.

Aynalem Getachew

Environmental & Social (E&S) Manager

Aynalem Getachew brings with her more than 18 years of experience in areas of social work, community engagement, corporate social responsibility, external relations, and media and communications. For the last 10 years, she has specialized in external corporate relations, social impacts assessments, monitoring and evaluation in the oil and gas, mining, and geothermal energy projects. Prior to joining TMGO, Aynalem was working as Social Performance Leader at Yara Dallol B.V., a potash mining company, for over five years. She was involved in the Corbetti Geothermal PLC and Tullow Ethiopia B.V. projects as social performance advisor between 2013 and 2015. As the E & S Manager of TMGO, Aynalem oversees the environmental performance of private and public sector organisations and is also responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring environmental strategies that promote sustainable development. She further manages community compliance of the project site by working closely with the project development team and Community Liaison Officer (CLO).

Wudassie Worku

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

Wudassie Worku has over five years of experience in public and private institutions. Wudassie started her career as Strategic Planning and Finance Team Assistant at the Ethiopian Airports Enterprise, before joining Meta Abo Brewery S.C. in 2015 where she took on different roles such as such Supply Cost Analyst and Finance Controls Compliance and Ethics Champion, Control Compliance and Ethics Analyst, Business Performance Management Analyst, Productivity Analyst, and also Supply Finance Manager. As the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of TMGO, Wudassie manages and guides the Finance department on daily tasks.

Ahlam Dechassa

Executive Assistant

With eight years of experience, Ahlam Dechassa has acquired vast knowledge and experience in Office Administration and Management. She is also well- equipped on the duties and responsibilities of an Executive Assistance. Throughout the years of her experience, she has worked under pressure which enabled her to be a quick learner in a fast-paced environment. She does all her work with professionalism and is confident in her ability to undertake any task and is a firm believer in teamwork. Ahlam graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Addis Ababa University in 2014. She began her career as an Office Administrator and went on to be CEO Assistant. Ahlam is passionate about community service, volunteer, and charity works.

Rediet Tafesse

Human Resources (HR) and Administrative Officer

Rediet Tafesse brings with her five years of experience working in different international and local organizations in areas of business development, management assistance and human resources. Prior to joining the TMGO family, Rediet worked at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), NMC and more recently at Info-mind Solutions as Human Resources Business Partner where she was responsible for handling and managing all HR and Business Development Services. As the HR and Admin. Officer of TMGO, Rediet manages employee relations, provides career guidance, establishes health and safety measures, and conducts recruitment aligned with the organization’s goals. Rediet also plays a key role in providing support to operational functions as well as in ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of the office.

Betelehim Gurmessa

Senior Accountant

Betelehim Gurmessa has 10 years of experiences in finance while working for Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA) as tax adviser as well as for construction, manufacturing & power generation companies in Ethiopia. For the past eight years, she worked with Alstom Grid SAS Ethiopia Branch acquired by General Electric International. As Sr. Accountant of TMGO, Betelehim is responsible for the organization’s adherence to the tax laws of the company, providing timely monthly and annual reports to the government as well as the senior leadership team and adhering to the accounting principles in keeping the organization’s books accurate and up-to-date.

Nunu Mehari

Logistics Officer

Nunu Mehari has two bachelor degrees in Administrative & Service Management and Secretarial Science and Office Management. Nunu has over 16 years of experience in the oil and gas sector working as an Executive Assistant, Operations Assistant, Import/Export Coordinator Logistics Officer and Operations Manager. As the Logistics Officer of TMGO, Nunu is responsible for liaising with the various ministerial offices of Ethiopia from trading permits, to duty free privileges to health and safety measures and other necessary regulatory paperwork that allow TMGO to function efficiently and legally.

Nazif Jemal

Communications Officer

Nazif Jemal has more than 10 years of experience in Journalism and Communications working with various international and NGOs such as the World Vision, BBC Media Action and the Fred Hallows Foundation. With a masters degree in journalism and Communications, Mr. Jemal has proven skills in inter-personal communications, media relations, storytelling, audio and video production, interviews, change management and event management. As the Communications Officer of TMGO, Mr. Jemal will lead the internal and external PR and communications of the company.

Tadesse Mamo

Senior Geologist

Tadesse Mamo has extensive experience in geological exploration, including geological mapping and surface hydrothermal alteration mapping in different geothermal prospects. He has been involved in the deep exploration drilling geological logging in Aluto-Langano and Tendaho geothermal fields including preparing the master log and report. Tadesse coordinated in the selection of temperature gradient holes drilling site and also geological logging for Tulu Moye, Aluto and Tendaho. He served as Geothermal Division head between 1999-2000. Tadesse has more than 30 years of experience in geological works and has intimate knowledge of Geology. As Senior Geologist of TMGO, Tadesse is responsible for generating new drill sites, recommending leasing efforts, designing and coordinating geological operational support for drilling programs, gathering data and evaluating drilled wells, and keeping abreast of emerging geological, drilling and completion technologies and E&P practices. He also has oversight of horizontal drilling activities including Geo-steering, and close coordination with directional drillers.

Aklilu Hailu


Aklilu Hailu is an exploration geophysicist trained in Ethiopia and India in applied physics, exploration geophysics and application development using GIS and RS. Aklilu brings with him over 17 years of experience working in and solving many geophysical and geological matters in base metal and geothermal explorations in Ethiopia and beyond. In addition, he has been involved in producing Bouguer Anomaly and its derivative maps of Ethiopia in the Ethiopian Rift Valley. As Geophysicist of TMGO, Aklilu undertakes seismic exploration and produces controlled source seismic data for Tulu Moye project site using relevant tools that may include high-resolution structural mapping and analysis of induced seismicity.

Yamrot Grumneh

Project Control Lead

Yamrot Grumneh has a degree in civil engineering with over eight years of experience in the construction industry. She has experience as quantity surveyor, project coordinator, site engineer, assistant project manager and construction manager. She has hands-on experience constructing health centres, an international cement factory, refugee camps biometric centres and multiple story buildings and hotels. As Project Control Lead of TMGO, Yamrot organizes, implements and maintains the scheduling management system supporting identified projects and their plans (civil works preparing for geothermal drilling, steam gathering system and geothermal powerplant), in close coordination with the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Deputy Chief Technical Officer (DCTO).

Idris Mohammed

Contractor Liaison Officer

Idris Mohammed has a degree in civil engineering with experience in project management and construction. He has administrative experience on road construction projects. As Contractor Liaison Officer of TM Geothermal Operations PLC, Idris is stationed in the Tulu Moye campsite and liases with the community around the site area, and coordinates and facilitates the work of the drilling contractors with the rest of our workers at the site. Idris is stationed at TMGO camp site working mainly in liaising with the community around the site area and coordination and facilitation Drilling Contractors work with the rest of the project workers at site.

Kedir Temam

Community Liaison Officer

Kedir Temam has over 10 years of experience with governmental and non- governmental sectors including as Field Team Leader in the DIA Lift program social affairs office as an advocacy and awareness expert. As Community Liaison Officer of TMGO, Kedir facilitates the active involvement of communities in the identification, formulation, and implementation of the project by developing relationships with a range of community groups, agencies and service providers. Kedir delivers information sessions, attends relevant community events, undertakes stakeholder consultations and promotes referrals and pathways into services and executing other services.

Mekasha Debele

Steam Systems Specialist

Mekasha Debele has more than 30 years of experience in working with steam related work during his work with the Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise. As the Steam Systems Specialist of TMGO, Mekasha will supervise technical aspect of the steam systems on the site in addition to the overall technical maintenance and follow up. As Mekesha will be a part of the project operation team running the power plant in the efficiently and to take over the responsibility of the well once drilling team and contractors has be deployed from site.

Legesse Kassa

Steam Systems Technician

Legesse Kassa is a recent graduate of Electro-Mechanical Engineering with work experience in Wonji Sugar Factory for four months. He has also worked in Yapi Merkezi on Awash- Kombolcha- Woldia railway project. As the Steam Systems Technician of TMGO, his responsibilities is assisting in all physical work on the project site in the well and the drilling rig with the team and contractors. Also, he will work closely work with the Steam Systems Specialist on site.

Yafet Yohannes

Fleet Manager

Yafet Yohannes has over 10 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry. As Fleet Manager of TMGO, Yafet assists in the recruitment of quality drivers into the fleet, maintains detailed records of vehicle servicing and inspection and schedules regular vehicle maintenance to ensure operational efficiency, among other duties.

Ananiya Amare

Driver/Liaison Officer

Ananiya Amare has more than eight years of working experience with the Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) as Administration and Logistics officer. As Driver/Assistant logistics officer of TMGO, Ananiya is responsible for the logistic activities, movement of staff and company goods. Ananiya also provides support to the admin and finance team by facilitating payments and procurements

Kodessa Shimelis

Driver/Field Officer

Kodessa Shimelis has more than eight years of experience working in different parts of Ethiopia. As Driver/Field Officer of TMGO, Kodessa is responsible for the safe movement of staff and company goods. Kodessa also provides support to the admin and finance team by facilitating payments and procurements.

Amare Seifu

Driver/Field Officer

Amare Seifu has more than five years of experience working in different parts of Ethiopia. As Driver/Field Officer of TMGO, Amare is stationed at the Eteya site office and is responsible for the safe movement of staff and company goods. Amare also provides support to the admin and finance team by facilitating payments and procurements.

Abaynesh Misganaw

Office Support

Abaynesh Misganaw is the key janitorial staff ensuring a conducive and welcoming environment is maintained at all times.

Hawi Abbay

Office Support

Hawi Abbay is responsible to the warm welcome each of the TMGO team members and visitors receive daily at the Eteya site office. With over six years of experience under her belt, Hawi ensures the work environment is clean, conducive and flavored with coffee and nutrition snacks.

Kassech Assefa

Office Support

Kassech Assefa is responsible to the warm welcome each of the TMGO team members and visitors receive daily at the TMGO head office. With over five years of experience under her belt, Kassech ensures the work environment is clean, conducive and flavored with coffee and nutrition snacks.